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I would encourage anyone approaching retirement to consider … Heydays activities.

Joyce, 60

Opened up new insights and had many practical and helpful suggestions for… possible activities to fill the gaps left by finishing work.

Ruth, 63

Valuable commentary and insights.

Neme, 54

Thought provoking with strategies to plan for retirement

Janice, 56

Sue Scarlett

Sue Scarlett’s life philosophy is that by getting involved, and taking action, we can shape our future. This guides her work to empower pre-retirees to design and live their dream retirement lifestyles.

With over 20 years successfully guiding people through business changes, Sue makes the move to retirement stress-free and easy. She works exclusively with clients ready to plan their retirement and make it happen!

Sue uses key questions and provides down-to-earth retirement know-how in the online Heydays courses and in her live “Heydays Design” Workshops, the power of interaction and sharing, to expand participants’ ideas of what’s possible.

As we are living longer, healthier lives, we are re-imagining life after full time work.  The concept of retirement is being disrupted!

This offers us a wonderful opportunity to revitalise, reconnect and recreate ourselves and the Heydays courses and community support people doing just that.

Sue is semi-retired and is living her dream lifestyle in the beautiful country near Canberra, where she gardens, cycles and kayaks with her partner Gary.