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Retiring early – Scott’s story

Meet Scott, our switched on Uber driver on a recent trip to the Gold Coast.  Here he is with his family enjoying a cruise. He retired early but it’s not always what it seems.

Entrepreneur – take 1

By November 2016 Scott had been running his manufacturing business for over 25 years, employing up to 15 staff at times. He and his wife were living in Melbourne, bringing up 2 young children. They felt comfortable financially – they had security.

However, Scott was working six and half days a week and this took a heavy toll on his physical and mental health. When Scott was just 41, his doctor told him his work rate and lifestyle were potentially a deadly mix – his was at risk of a heart attack or a stroke.

Scott and his wife knew financial security was of little use to the family if Scott wasn’t around to enjoy it with them. They decided to downshift – swapping the good income and frenetic lifestyle with lower overheads and a slower pace of life.

Entrepreneur – take 2

Although they didn’t have a clear plan, Scott and family sold up and moved to the Gold Coast.  Now Scott supports his family through a mix of Uber and Private Transfer driving along with Private Tours of the Gold Coast and the surrounding areas. Scott says that while there is less money coming in, their overheads have also reduced so he stresses less about making ends meet. He’s learnt not to worry about things he cannot control – now he just lets them happen.


Scott’s learnt a few things from downshifting: he knows he’s more relaxed and happier when he slows down and enjoys what’s going on around him and that he doesn’t need to earn thousands of dollars to have a happy life.

Scott’s advice for people thinking of retiring or downshifting is to embrace it and enjoy it. “I’m currently on ‘Pause’ as I like to say. I have taken some time to recharge and realise what’s important. I ‘m really enjoying this phase with Work / Life Balance and will try to continue having it”

Going to the Gold Coast? You can book Scott to drive you or take you on a tour, through  Scott Edwards My Driver Direct on Facebook

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