The best is yet to come

Welcome to the Heydays blog. This is where I’ll explore my approaching retirement. I’ll share my experiences as my partner, Gary and I, design a unique lifestyle, tailored to our needs.

With good fortune we could retire and have 25+ years – a third of our lives ahead of us! That’s around 1,300 weeks and 9,100 days to shape up. So it makes sense to get ready; to consider how we can make the rest of our lives, the best of our lives.

It’s not about the money

This blog is about the lifestyle aspects of retiring, not the financial side.
It’s about making these years fun, worthwhile and fulfilling. About travel, entertainment and hobbies. Not forgetting our emotional, mental and physical wellness of course! I’m interested in our health and our relationships with each other and nature. And in developing a sense of quiet purpose.

It’s about…

… sharing ideas and challenging our thinking about what being 55+ means to each of us.

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