The last copywriting team you'll need*

*In a good way

There’s something magical that happens when great design teams pair up with amazing copywriters. 

Projects roll out the door. You keep your clients happy. Your margins don’t get eaten away with endless revisions. Life is good

Writers who can write. Like, really write.

Hi, we’re team Heydays.

We’re University-trained writers and journalists who’ve each spent over a decade working in agencies, businesses and government organisations to, you know, write. 

We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy working with us. We deliver work on time, we can have a laugh, and we have a reputation for mailing baked goods to our favourite partners. Seriously.

Got a project that needs copy?

A flaky freelancer who knows their way around ChatGPT won’t cut it. Because let’s face it — average copy derails even the best of design projects.

So, if you’re ready to stop trying to make it work with your current freelancer and hire some real writers? We’d love to hear from you.

We’ll be a
great fit if…

We’ll be an
awful fit if…

Our team in
their heydays*

*A period of great success, popularity or power

Headshot Headshot

Heather Venz

Founder & Head Copywriter

BA (Writing), B.Comm (Media)
The University of Queensland
Headshot Headshot

Tara Britten

Senior Copywriter

BA (Writing)
The University of Queensland
Headshot Headshot

Elora Wilson

Proofreader, Editor & Typo Spotter

BJ, BA (Film & Television)