Hey designer! Here’s how to give great feedback to your copywriter

A note from Heydays: this post was originally published in March 2021. We’ve updated it with more current and relevant information. A couple of months ago, I wrote about receiving feedback and criticism as a creative. I referred to it as a ‘gut punch’. Because, well, sometimes it really is! As a fellow creative, I’m […]

How designers can get the best out of copywriters

A note from Heydays: This post was originally published in November 2020. We’ve updated it to include more relevant, recent information. Enjoy! Here’s a scenario you’re probably familiar with. You’re kicking off a new design project. It involves words (lots of words). So, you ask your client, ‘do you have a copywriter?’ And so the […]

Yes, there is such a thing as a ‘good’ copywriter

Here’s something I wholeheartedly believe: the ‘writing’ part of a successful copywriting project is only about 20% of the job. And while, yes, every ‘good’ copywriter needs to be able to write — and write well — a good writer does not a good copywriter make. So, if you’re hiring a copywriter, looking for a copywriting partner […]

Why is it so hard to find good copywriters?

Advertising for an agency copywriter? You might be waiting a while to find the perfect fit. It’s one of those unspoken rules of the creative industry. Finding good writers takes time. And patience. And you’ll probably hire badly a couple of times before you find the right fit. And then they’ll move on—probably to the […]

How design agencies can get five-star reviews — fast

Here’s something I’ve never understood. I’ve worked in, alongside, with and for design agencies for ten years now. And not a single one has handled the offboarding process well. I’ve never (never!) been asked for a review. I’ve never been followed up after go-live. And I’ve never had anyone check in with me to see […]

The gut punch that is feedback and criticism

“It’s just… not good.” The year was 2010. I was a first-year uni student and I’d just submitted my first creative writing piece for review. I had poured hours and energy into the piece, and it stung — a lot! — to be called out in front of the class. The lecturer? A wizened journo […]

Three glaring neon signs that your copywriter just derailed your design project

Picture this. You’ve just wrapped up a particularly painful design project. The budget? Completely blown. Deadlines? A mere glimmer in your review mirror. The client’s unhappy. You’re unhappy. And everyone has just paid thousands and thousands of dollars for a big steaming pile of nothing exciting. So. Who killed this project? And how do we […]