Hey designer! Here’s how to give great feedback to your copywriter

A note from Heydays: this post was originally published in March 2021. We’ve updated it with more current and relevant information. A couple of months ago, I wrote about receiving feedback and criticism as a creative. I referred to it as a ‘gut punch’. Because, well, sometimes it really is! As a fellow creative, I’m […]

How to stop copy delays from holding up your website project

It’s a common scenario: your client’s signed off on the creative direction, approved the design concepts, and you’re ready to start really digging into the project. Then you hear those dreaded five words: “We’re just waiting on copy.” It’s enough to make any account manager cry. I’ve worked in and with several agencies over the […]

How to brief your new copywriter in four easy steps

It happens every once in a while — your agency’s been humming along, working with an incredible roster of freelance writers and then  poof!  No one’s available for an urgent job. It’s a headache. Not only do you need to find a new writer, but you also need to give them a fully detailed brief — something you […]

How designers can get the best out of copywriters

A note from Heydays: This post was originally published in November 2020. We’ve updated it to include more relevant, recent information. Enjoy! Here’s a scenario you’re probably familiar with. You’re kicking off a new design project. It involves words (lots of words). So, you ask your client, ‘do you have a copywriter?’ And so the […]

Is crap copy tanking your incredible design?

Ugh. Client copy, am I right? It’s a familiar story. Client is in charge of supplying copy. Copy finally arrives in account manager’s inbox. Two months late. And it’s terrible. So terrible that it just might ruin your entire project. The hero messaging is long, fluffy and kind of confusing. The copy itself is a […]

How design agencies can get five-star reviews — fast

Here’s something I’ve never understood. I’ve worked in, alongside, with and for design agencies for ten years now. And not a single one has handled the offboarding process well. I’ve never (never!) been asked for a review. I’ve never been followed up after go-live. And I’ve never had anyone check in with me to see […]