Client Story: Merak GF

A warm (gluten-free) welcome from a Redland Bay local

These days, most Heydays clients are located overseas or in our Southern states. That’s why it’s a rare treat when we get to work with a local business that we can actually, you know, visit.

And what’s even better? When that visit includes some of the most incredible, amazing food I’ve ever had in my life.

Meet Merak GF. They’re a 100% gluten-free and allergy-sensitive cafe and restaurant, accredited by Coeliac Australia. If you know anything about Coeliac Australia, that’s a really big deal. 

The brief

When I first started working with the team, I assumed (wrongly) that our focus would be on their gluten-free offering. Instead, the team wanted to focus on their insanely incredible food.

Melanie, Merak matriarch and head of the whole operation reminded me that there’s a stigma when it comes to gluten-free food. People assume that it will taste like cardboard. And, unfortunately, it often does.

Here’s the thing: my best friend is a coeliac. I know how hard it is to find places to eat that are 100% safe for her to eat with food that actually tastes good. It’s hard. So I took her along for a research trip to Merak. And holy moly. That food was incredible. I still have dreams about their Rosti Eggs Benny.

Not only that, the vibes were good. I felt welcomed. I felt included, even though I don’t have any food allergies. I got it. (This is why it’s so good when our team can actually visit our clients.)

The key messages

There’s room for everyone at our table

Coeliac Australia (CA) reports that 88.5% of gluten-free and coeliac customers feel anxious at the thought of dining out, which can become very complicated and even life-threatening. This not only impacts those who are coeliac or gluten-free, but also their families and friends! Gluten-free, lactose intolerant, or (like me) allergy-free — there’s a place for everyone to feel safe and welcomed at Merak GF.

Crazy delicious homestyle meals

Every element of the meals at Merak GF is meticulously and lovingly crafted by their own team using the absolute top tier ingredients. They figure, if they don’t want to eat it every day, why should you?

Food to feed the body and soul 

There’s something spiritual about visiting Merak GF. Even the name, Merak means ‘the sense of oneness with the universe that comes from the simplest of pleasures’. So when you visit, you’re not just eating — you’re nourishing your soul.

The result

Once we’d finished writing, our friends at The Graphic Design Co. got to work! The copy, written to mirror Melanie’s personality, perfectly complements the warm, earthy tones of the website design.

The new Merak website went live a few months ago, and it looks absolutely incredible.

Here’s what Melanie said about working with me:

“The Heydays are professional and lovely to work with. They captured who we are and applied it to our website.

Heather is fabulous at what she does! Professional, highly skilled, dedicated, and a very lovely individual.”

I don’t think I could have asked for better feedback than that!

Check out the completed project.