Five quick wins for your agency’s website copy

Design's slick, but your copy isn't pulling it's weight? Here's how to fix it.
As you’ve probably guessed, here at Heydays, our number one service is writing white label copy for agency clients. But, over the past couple of years, we’ve had a lucrative little side service going on:
Writing website copy for our studio partners.
So far we’ve written the copy for eight agencies, and we just signed up lucky number nine this week (with number ten sitting pretty in our pipeline 👀).
I know firsthand how helpful it can be to have a second pair of eyes on your copy. I worked with a branding specialist and copywriter to help me sharpen the Heydays copy, turning our TOV from ‘warm hug’ to ‘witty weapon’. So having an objective (but caring!) third party asking you the challenging questions and providing a fresh perspective? It’s invaluable.
But, here’s the thing. After eight completed agency website projects, I’ve noticed we spend most of our time in the same places.
So, today I’m going to be your helpful big sis, coming alongside you to give you a friendly poke in the ribs and give you five quick wins that you can implement on your studio website, today.
If you do this? I promise you, your website copy will improve one hundred-fold. So start the clock. Here we go!

1. Change up your home page headline

The first line of your website? That’s your #1 opportunity to capture the interest of your site visitors. Unfortunately, it’s also the hardest bit to get right. Because we don’t know what to say, we end up fudging it with something along the lines of:
“Hi there!”
“Hello! We’re [your studio name]”
“Welcome to [your studio name]”
“We are a creative branding studio”
“We design unforgettable brands”
“We’re a [location]-based brand studio”
“[Location] branding studio”
You get the picture. If you could cut + paste your headline onto another brand studio’s website without anyone noticing, you’re wasting your best real estate.
Quick win: Write a new headline that is a) super specific and b) makes a promise. If you’re stuck, try: We make [type of clients you serve] [dream result]. 

2. Talk about your clients, not yourself

Here’s a litmus test: How often does your website copy (particularly on your Home & About page) use the word ‘we’ versus the word ‘you’?
Clients want to see that you understand them: their business and their problems. If you’re too busy talking about yourself and what you do, you’re likely not connecting with your customers as well as you could be.
Quick win: Flip every instance where you talk about yourself to a sentence that directly addresses your clients. It’s easier than you think!

3. Stop copying the competition

We’ve stopped referring to ourselves as ‘gurus’ and ‘ninjas’. The agency dog rarely gets a mention on team pages anymore. But clicking through different agency websites, it seems we’ve just swapped one set of trends for another.
Secret sauce. Five-step framework. Specialist teams. Disruptive. Rebellious. Courageous. Ambitious. Strategy-led. Award-winning. Deep empathy. Storytellers. Authenticity. Thought leaders. Bringing ideas to life. Seamless process.
If your copy eerily resembles all the other studios in your vertical, it’s not working hard enough.
Quick win: Rather than looking to your left and right for inspiration, look inside. Why should clients choose you specifically? Then write about it.

4. Offer a curated dining experience rather than a smorgasbord

Have you ever been to Cafe 63 and opened up their (enormous) menu to try and figure out what to eat? They offer so many different types of foods that you have no idea where to even begin, or if your food’s going to be any good.
Compare that to your favourite fine dining establishment. They might have five options for you to choose from. If they’re super confident, they might only have one curated culinary journey (think omakase). And you were probably waitlisted for months before you were allowed to pay for the privilege of trying it.
This is how I feel when I look at agency offerings. I wonder how a small team can pull off multiple different services to a really high level. Especially when so many of the services are incredibly specialised.
And the thing is, I get it. You have a multidisciplinary team. And you also have a network of collaborators to fill in the gaps.
I get it. I totally get it.
But chances are, your best clients come you looking for one or two things. A new brand identity. A website. A campaign.
Quick win: Rather than listing all of the services you could possibly help with, use your copy to guide your clients through a singular, knock-it-out-of-the-park service or experience.

5. Use your case studies to tell as well as show

In 2024, clients aren’t just hiring design teams to make their stuff look good. They’re hiring design teams to solve real problems.
So, if you’re focusing on the visuals, and ignoring the thought and strategy behind the visuals, you’re missing out on a really good opportunity to showcase what you do.
Quick win: A really easy way to structure your case studies is to write a sentence or two capturing the Problem, Solution and Results of the project — with a couple of juicy testimonials to really seal the deal.
Stop the clock! How’s your website looking?
If you feel like your website copy needs a little more than a few quick wins, then here’s the good news: I’ve been working on something you’ll really like. Slide into our DMs or shoot us an email and we’ll send you all the details.