(For professionals retiring in the next 3 years)
​The Ultimate Roadmap to Retirement will show you the processes that helped me create a retirement lifestyle that I love, so you too can create your own invigorating retirement lifestyle. 

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"My free Roadmap to Retirement will provide you with ideas that are simple to put into practice — to create a retirement you’ll love."

– Sue Scarlett, Founder of Heydays

‘Thought provoking with strategies to plan for retirement.’ JANICE, 56

‘Opened up new insights and had many practical and helpful suggestions…’ RUTH 63

Frequently Asked Questions

"I’ve got enough money to retire, what help will the Roadmap to Retirement be?"
Congratulations! It’s great that you have prepared financially for retirement. Whilst finances are a large part of preparing to retire, there are other aspects to consider that can also make a significant difference to your retirement satisfaction. The Roadmap to Retirement looks at aspects such as your sense of purpose through work and contribution / volunteering; your recreational activities and your physical and emotional wellbeing. These elements of the Roadmap will assist you to balance out and complete your preparation for a great retirement.

"I’m planning to retire but my partner is not. Is the Roadmap to Retirement still relevant?"
Yes, you can use the Roadmap to Retirement as a basis for discussing with your partner about what you have in mind, for your retirement lifestyle and how it will impact them. It may also assist your discussions about when your partner will retire.

"I’m retiring in the next 6 months and I haven’t started to prepare – is it too late start?"
​It’s never too late to start! You can use the Roadmap checklist to decide what actions you’d like to prioritise (rather than trying to do them all in a compressed time!). You will be able to identify some steps that you want to take, but that are not urgent for you. These could be tasks to do in the period after you’ve retired. Alternatively, the checklist may make you rethink your retirement date!

"I’m not sure when to retire, can this help me decide?"
The Roadmap to Retirement gives you ideas about steps you can take to prepare for retirement. It will give you a sense of how close retirement is for you. By using the Roadmap checklist you can estimate how long it will take you to action the steps that are relevant for you. You may find you have taken quite a few steps and are closer to being ready to retire than you think!