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How to become a Heydays partner


Join the waitlist

We currently have limited capacity to take on new, aligned studio partners. 

To find out whether we’d be the best fit for you, download our Partnerships Deck.

You’ll get a copy of our current rates, an overview of our process and an introduction to our team.


Check the vibes

If we’re going to represent your studio, it’s essential that we’re a good culture fit.

We’ll set up a meeting with our Lead Copywriter, Heather where you can ask all your burning questions and get an idea of the value our partnership will offer.


Book your first project

If the stars align, it’s time to get us officially onboarded. Don’t worry — it’s a simple process!

We’ll find out how you work, how we can slot into your project and get all our ducks in a row to ensure we delight the pants off your client.

Our goal is to make your project run as smoothly as possible while making you look great. This starts with the briefing and quoting and ends with your clients signing on for repeat work.

Every studio has their own blend of secret sauce. Ours is definitely our writing chops — but also our seamless and (dare we say, enjoyable) white label process.

Do you have questions?

🤓 We have answers.

Our partners are (usually) brand, creative and design agencies who offer copywriting services, but don’t have a big in-house writing team. We also work with a number of digital agencies who offer content marketing services and need great freelance writers on retainer.

We have a general rates guide in our Partnerships Deck which you can access here

We can also provide custom quotes depending on how you work and what your client needs!

Once we’re established partners, all you have to do is give us a ring or send us an email. We’ll send you a quote with a few different options to present to your clients, and then get straight to work.

Never worked with us before? Download our Partnerships Deck and we’ll send you information so you can get a feel for how we work.

If you have an agency copywriter who consistently delivers amazing work with fast turnarounds, then hang on to them! They’re hard to find. If not, we’d like to chat.

For new agency partnerships, we’re usually booked out for projects a month or two in advance.

However, we know that by the time you’re calling us, there might be a little urgency behind the job. That’s why we offer our ‘jump the queue’ service. We keep two days available in our calendar each week for agency emergencies and rush jobs. This service attracts an additional rate increase, but is delivered to the same exacting standards as our usual copywriting services.

That’s a secret we’ll never tell. But if you’re worried, we’re happy to pair you up with an account manager or creative director we’ve supported in the past so you can ask them about their experience of working with Heydays. We also have a stack of five-star reviews on our Google Business profile to check out.

Taglines, messaging strategy, tone of voice work, website copy and content marketing are our bread and butter.

Anything related to social media? Not so much!

Here’s the thing: we’re confident in the work we produce. If we send you some content and you (or your client) feels like it didn’t hit the mark, we’ll run through the brief with you to see what we missed.

We’ll provide a rewrite of the initial deliverables, and, if you still don’t feel like we’ve got it right, we’re more than happy to provide you with a full refund of your project fee.

Disclaimer: no one’s ever taken us up on this!

You sure can! Download our Partnerships Deck and we’ll shoot you over a copy straight away.